30 tons of perfume are used every day at Masjid Al Nabawi

30 tons of perfume are used every day at Masjid Al Nabawi

Saudi authorities have adopted a comprehensive disinfection and fragrance program in the daily management of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.
Fawzi Al-Fujairi, Deputy Director General of the Superintendent General of the Two Holy Mosques for Prayer, explained the detailed procedure.
To sterilize the carpets he uses an amazing 115 tons of substances, and to give the mosque a fragrant atmosphere, 30 tons of perfume are used every day.
The process will be spread over different areas of the mosque, including the floors, and 110 tons will be used for disinfection.
The scale of this effort is highlighted by the use of over 600 devices operated by well-trained staff.
The Prophet’s Mosque is the second holiest site in Islam and is visited by millions of Muslims from all over the world to visit the tomb of the revered Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and offer prayers.
believers gather.
Such attention to detail not only emphasizes a commitment to hygiene, but also maintains the sanctity of the space and ensures that it remains a pristine and welcoming place for devout Muslim followers around the world.
It also helps insure.

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