95 percent of Dubai’s roads are in excellent condition

95 percent of Dubai's roads are in excellent condition

According to the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai’s roads are in excellent condition, rating 95% on the Road Pavements Condition Index (RTA).

The city’s roads and walkways were inspected using high-tech laser equipment by RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

The findings revealed that just 60 km of roads needed maintenance, with 48 motorways and key roads, 34 internal roads in residential neighbourhoods, and all of them in outstanding condition.

The purpose of the assessment, according to Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads and Facilities Maintenance, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, was to establish the remaining lifetime of the roads as well as their structural capability.

Considering that 95% of the arteries are still in excellent condition, he continued, road repair had a favourable effect on both traffic and safety. Dubai’s bridge and tunnel building received a high rating of 97%. International standards were followed when inspecting the bridges and tunnels.

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