A modern workspace was established by Founders 2.0 Co-working Space to support the growth and success of tech start-ups.

A modern workspace was established by Founders 2.0 Co-working Space to support the growth and success of tech start-ups.

With more start-ups entering the market in recent years, the landscape of the global economy has changed. Datadarbar claims that just in 2022, Pakistani entrepreneurs obtained about $347 million in VC financing. Karachi, the nation’s financial center, is brimming with entrepreneurs that need coworking spaces to operate from. It looks that a new competitor has joined the market. founder 2.0 opens its first chapter in Karachi, offering 144 seats to the roughly 15,000+ seats currently available nationwide.

A special dinner was held by the company to celebrate and promote its concept of enabling networking from the 23rd level across the Karachi Skyline. One of the nation’s only unicorn founders now in attendance was Jonas Deizun, the former co-founder of the Razor Group who later raised over USD 1 billion and is now working on a generative AI business.

Many representatives from the corporate world and the startup community attended the event, including Hassan Khan, Founder of Trax, Rafay Sheikh, CEO of Dunkin, Akbar Jaffer, CEO of ASSL and Jaffer Group, Rabeel Warraich, founder and CEO of Sarmayacar VC Fund, Owais Shaikh of Hubpay, Raza Afzal, co-founder of Truck it in, Kassim Shroff and Ahsan Kidwai, founder

Haider Raza, co-founder of Dealcart; Ahmed Ayub, co-founder of Airlift; Muzaffar Manghi, co-founder of farmdar; Talha Khan of Orko; Taha Iqbal Teli and Ahsen Ali Khan of Zaraye; Ali Ladubhai of Abhi; Usama Nini, co-founder of Quroes and CEO of Affinity; Usman Khan and Pir Saleh Qureshi; Director at St The co-founders of Swich, Shah Aun Hussan and Syed Aoon Shah, who is also an investing partner at Founders 2.0, also attended the dinner.

“We’re happy to see the standard that Founders 2.0 is establishing for the nation’s coworking ecosystem. This would undoubtedly aid startups in keeping a laser-like focus on their high-impact fields, according to Aman, a partner at Sarmayacar who was also present at the event.

Miss Tanzila UmiHabiba, the provincial IT minister and a member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, as well as the chairman of the Standing Committee on Higher, Technical Education and Research in Sindh, graced the Launch Dinner as well. They continuously praised Founders 2.0 for building a cutting-edge facility from which tech startups can grow and prosper.

The project Founders 2.0 appears to be lively and intriguing. To support its budding tech businesses and young entrepreneurs, Pakistan needs more modern facilities like this one. Ms. Tanzila said. “I hope they are successful in achieving their aim of fostering growth and synergy across the tech sector, particularly in these turbulent economic times. We shall keep assisting them with their plans. Added she.
At the event, significant political figures & leaders included Pir Muhammad Sadiq, Chairman of the Luari Pak Group, Pir Noorullah, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Sindh, as well as Habib Paracha, producer of Hollywood movies, & Asmar Naim, Director at K-Electric.

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