A social media platform is called Foodies & Friends (F&F). Closed Facebook Group, but Equally Active on Instagram.

A social media platform is called Foodies & Friends (F&F). Closed Facebook Group, but Equally Active on Instagram.

Rana Khurram Ali, an entrepreneur and finance and management expert, founded F&F on August 14, 2017. The founder and senator administrator Khurram A. Khan, as well as co-administrators Asma Khurram, Rafia Rizwan, Sidrah Kazi, Nisa Anwer, Saryia Shariq, and Sadia Kashif, are responsible for Foodies & Friends’ success. This initiative’s goal was to do some artistic work specifically to highlight people’s talent and assist them in discovering and showcasing their unique talents to the world.

This was done with the sole intention of showcasing Pakistani cuisine, culture, and women’s hidden talents while also showing the community that work can be done without being avaricious or exploiting others. People from all around the world have gathered and communicated digitally on one platform created by the F&F team to promote healthy activities, providing a break from their demanding, depressing job schedules.

F&F has demonstrated its success on social media in such a short period of time by captivating a sizable audience on its Facebook group, page, and Instagram. In contrast to other Facebook platforms, it is a community that regularly achieves organic audience of almost 94000. Its audience, which includes members from the three major cities of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, has a median age of 18 to 34. Daily, more than 400 posts created by users can be found, and these posts receive over 5000 comments and 20000 reactions. There are about 50,000 active users on a daily average. As a result, it is one of the biggest and busiest food-related communities on a single platform in the nation.

Nowadays, when everyone is so busy that planning for some relaxing activities is nearly impossible, most people are so consumed with the pursuit of their goals that they have forgotten to take time for themselves. We urgently require such venues for social interaction where individuals may work together to foster a healthy environment, find and highlight their capabilities, and then appreciate one another’s talents. Participating in such events organized by the F&F team allows participants to take a break from their busy schedules.

The F&F team is so committed to achieving their goals that they exert all of their effort to emerge as a tale of outstanding success. They did all the necessary actions in accordance with their ideals and pushed their platform by holding various events and competitions that assisted them in gaining the notoriety they desired. As a consequence of all this effort, F&F was one of the finalists for Pakistan’s Best Social Media Platform in the Food Category at the Second Food Excellence 2019 awards event, which was held on November 19 at Sindh Governor House. F&F ultimately took home the prize.

“Meet, Eat, and Write” (MEW), one of the activities the F&F team launched in Lahore, was quite successful. Later, they expanded it to include Karachi and Islamabad, among other places. For this program, they worked in conjunction with foreign institutes specializing in food and culture in target nations like Turkey, Malaysia, Lebanon, and France. Via this scheme, the F&F team would receive a set monthly budget that they were required to spend on any culinary or cultural activity while sending them reviews of their experiences.

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