ABHI Collaborates with Master Group to Provide Workers Access to AbhiSalary (Earned Wage Access)

ABHI Collaborates with Master Group to Provide Workers Access to AbhiSalary (Earned Wage Access)

Karachi, Pakistan – The bedding, textile, automotive, chemical, furniture, and renewable energy industries are served by the agreement that ABHI, an embedded fintech business, has signed with Master Group of Industries. Employees of Master Group will be able to access their earned paychecks through AbhiSalary prior to their scheduled payday, giving them more freedom and control over their finances.

Employees may better manage their finances thanks to AbhiSalary, which enables them to quickly access a portion of their earned wages prior to payday. By collaborating with Master Group, ABHI will be able to broaden its reach, offer financial wellness to a larger pool of workers nationwide, and empower Pakistan’s economy.

Mohammad Zaidi, Director of Business Development & Sales at ABHI, said, “We are happy to work with Master Group and give its employees with AbhiSalary. The objective of the financial wellness benefit is to assist employees in having flexible access to their salary and to lessen their dependency on costly payday loans and other types of short-term borrowing. We can assist even more employees in taking charge of their money and achieving their financial objectives by working with Master Group.

Master Group was founded in 1963 and today it is a well-known manufacturer of beds, textiles, chemicals, automotive, engineering, and power solutions. As part of its dedication to assisting its employees and giving them the tools and resources they require to succeed, Master Group has partnered with ABHI.

Mr. Abubakar Alvi, General Manager HR at Master Group, stated that ABHI is a part of the company’s commitment to helping its employees and giving them access to AbhiSalary to make their jobs more enjoyable. “We are certain that AbhiSalary will help us reach this aim,” says the company. “We feel that giving our employees more financial flexibility and control is a crucial part of our dedication to their overall well-being.”

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