After abusing a British-Pakistani, a traffic guard was fired.

After abusing a British-Pakistani, a traffic guard was fired.

On social media, a video showing a traffic warden in Rawalpindi punching a bystander went viral. The warden was charged with a misdemeanor after the footage led to his suspension.

The victim, who is allegedly a British citizen of Pakistani descent, is brutalized by the warden in the video. Sources claim that the incident began when the person attempted to intervene to stop a warden from beating a rickshaw driver.

Netizens were outraged by the occurrence, and many turned to social media to vent their displeasure and demand the warden be punished.

In response, Muhammad Taimur Khan, the Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), moved quickly to suspend the warden and file charges against him.

The general population thinks that this occurrence shows how important it is for Pakistani law enforcement to have better training and be held accountable. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of social media in putting pressure on authorities and obtaining justice.

The Rawalpindi police force has yet to respond to the incident or offer more information regarding the traffic warden’s suspension.

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