All PIA pilots want to resign, according to CAA DG

All PIA pilots want to resign, according to CAA DG

All of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots intended to leave the national carrier, the director general of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stated at a Senate panel on Thursday.

CAA DG Khaqan Murtaza provided an explanation for this to the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation, stating that approximately 35% of the pilots’ earnings were taxed.

He continued by saying that there was also a charge levied on pilots’ flying time. The majority of the time, the pilot shortage is to blame for aircraft cancellations, the speaker said.

The Senate Standing Committee on Aviation’s head, Senator Hidayatullah, presided over the meeting at Parliament House.

Mohsin Aziz, a panelist, questioned whether the PIA would ever experience financial success throughout the course of their lives.
The CEO of PIA, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Amir Hayat, shot back that the national carrier was making money.

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