Army of Pakistan Allows Travel Over Snow-Covered Burzil Pass

Army of Pakistan Allows Travel Over Snow-Covered Burzil Pass

After making numerous moves in the bitter cold, the Pakistan Army opened the snow-covered Burzil Pass for traffic as part of its unparalleled national service. The military forces are the first responders anytime the country is in need, whether it be due to catastrophes or natural disasters.

Gilgit is 178 kilometers away from Burzil Pass. Both the Pakistani Army and the populace use it as a crucial checkpoint.

The pass is always covered in snow from October through April and is 13,808 feet above sea level. It is the only route that connects the region’s 15,000 inhabitants with its 61 communities. Between 50,000 and 60,000 vehicles pass via Burzil Pass each year. The crossing was blocked in January and February this year because of the heavy snowfall.

The previously snow-covered Burzil Pass is now officially open to the public thanks to the Pakistan Army. The soldiers worked tirelessly to open the passage in conditions as chilly as minus 30 degrees Celsius. The community expressed their appreciation for the Pakistan Army’s diligent efforts.

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