Cafe Imran – From roadside dhaba to award-winning restaurant

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Cafe Imran won the Best Highway Restaurant award at the 2nd Annual Culinary Awards ’22 for its superior taste and exceptional hygiene. The annual Culinary Awards are organized by Master Class Pakistan to recognize different restaurants and hotels for their service to the food industry. Cafe Imran is known for its many signature dishes and extremely friendly staff.

Cafe Imran - From roadside dhaba to award-winning restaurant

Cafe Imran is located in Garo, off the highway in Karachi. It started as a roadside dhaba in 2001 and has grown into a proper restaurant. Today, the fruit is utilized with the utmost dedication, culinary know-how and focus on serving custom Pakistani cuisine. Cafe Imran is committed to providing our guests with all kinds of facilities.

Air-conditioned for indoor comfort and for those who want to dine in the fresh air, Cafe Imran caters for that too. Whether sitting upright at a table in chairs or sitting cross-legged in a takat, as Pakistanis prefer, Cafe Imran has it all.

The founder of Cafe Imran, Imran Khan, started carving out opportunities for himself with a vision to meet international food quality standards by following good hygiene procedures and serving chef’s cuisine. The slogan Mr. Imran swears is:
“Saaf Suthra Khana, Sehat Mand Muashra (Hygienic Eating Makes a Healthy Society)”, he has kept his restaurant at the highest level and proved it by winning Best of His Highway His Restaurant Award.

Cafe Imran offers a variety of dishes to suit visitors’ dietary options, but states that their specialty is mutton. I have. Cafe Imran believes in making every guest satisfied and happy by providing the best dining experience. Visitors can choose from various options on the menu. A different breakfast buffet for early morning visitors with families and hungry riders on long journeys craving delicious Pakistani and Chinese dishes.

Mainly frequented by families early in the morning on weekends, Café Imran serves dishes such as Chana Tarkari [chickpea curry], Mutton Karage (liver), Mutton Keema [fried ground beef], Mutton Brain Masala, Pakistani and Continental dishes. , caters to every desire. Omelette and stuffed or plain paratha.

Gourmet offer includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. The restaurant offers a full range of services, including outdoor seating, takeout delivery, and eat-in service. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, and reservations are required so you don’t have to rush.

Various bloggers visited Cafe Imran and posted reviews as well as a Facebook group. Cafe Imran was one of the most recommended restaurants in the “SWOT Group” (a group that foodies and the public avidly follow).

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