Careem and Taj Gasoline Team Up to Offer Captains Sustainable Fuel Management Solutions

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Careem and Taj Gasoline Team Up to Offer Captains Sustainable Fuel Management Solutions

With the goal of making people’s lives easier and better, Careem, the first ride-hailing service in Pakistan, has teamed up with Taj Gasoline, the country’s top oil marketing firm, to give its Captains affordable fuel as part of sustainable fuel management solutions. As a result of the nation’s rising inflation, the alliance intends to support Captains and increase their earnings.

Senior leadership from both businesses, including Feroz Jaleel, country general manager, Muhammad Imran Saleem, strategy and commercial director from Careem, Omar Shafqaat, chief of operations, and Ahmed Maaz, head of marketing from Taj Gasoline, attended the signing ceremony at Careem’s headquarters in Karachi.

“Our Captains are the backbone of Careem, and this year, in particular, has been particularly tough for them,” stated Feroz Jaleel, Country Head, Careem Pakistan, during the signing event. Our Captains’ pay has suffered significantly due to the sharp increase in fuel prices, and we are doing everything we can to support them during this trying period. This cooperation demonstrates our team’s dedication to always being a step ahead when it comes to making life easier for our Captains.

“With severe economic pressure all around, it is our responsibility to be the change makers and provide our support in every manner we can, one of which just so happens to be the high cost of commute,” said Omar Shafqaat, Chief of Operations at Taj Gasoline. This is the idea we share with Careem to make moving people’s lives better. We tirelessly pursue our goals each day and are pleased to contribute to a bigger cause.

Innovating programs to raise the standard of living for its Captains, Careem has always been in the forefront. Since its founding in 2016, Careem has invested more than $100 million, produced more than 800,000 chances for Captains in Pakistan to earn a salary, and has more than 9 million customers who have downloaded the Super App.

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