Chartered plane bound for Moscow crashes in northern Afghanistan

Chartered plane bound for Moscow crashes in northern Afghanistan

KABUL – A chartered plane bound for Moscow crashed in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province yesterday evening with six people on board.
According to reports, the French-made Dassault Falcon 10 jet was a chartered ambulance flying from India to Russia via Uzbekistan, with four crew members and two passengers on board.
According to Russian aviation authorities, the plane disappeared from radar over Afghanistan.
Afghan police confirmed that they had received information about an accident in Badakhshan province.
The accident occurred overnight in a remote mountainous area of ​​Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, a provincial police spokesperson said in a statement.
He said the cause of the accident and the number of victims had not been confirmed.
The Civil Aviation Authority of India said the plane was not a scheduled commercial flight or an Indian charter flight.

“The unfortunate plane crash that just occurred in Afghanistan was not an Indian passenger plane or a non-scheduled (NSOP)/chartered aircraft.
It was a small aircraft registered in Morocco.
Further details are awaited,” the Indian private sector said.
This is written in a post on the Ministry of Aviation’s microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter).

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