Chinese companies pledge to implement Pakistan’s green energy strategy

Chinese companies pledge to implement Pakistan's green energy strategy

A ground-breaking report titled “Development Prospects of Chinese Enterprises in Green Energy Industry in Pakistan” was released last week by POWERCHINA and the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) in association with the All Pakistan Chinese Enterprises Association (APCEA) and the China Society for Hydropower Engineering (CSHE).

According to the most recent government work report released during the Two Sessions, which was inspired by President Xi Jinping’s belief that “clear waters and lush mountains are priceless assets,” China has made significant progress toward becoming a “beautiful China” over the past five years by reducing its energy consumption per unit of GDP by 8.1% and its carbon dioxide emissions by 14.1%.

While this was happening, the percentage of clean energy used increased from 20.8% to over 25%. Achieving these objectives is inextricably linked to the work of China’s new energy businesses, which not only support China’s long-term goal of carbon neutrality but also support green development globally, with cooperation between China and Pakistan in this area serving as an excellent example, according to China Economic Net (CEN).

The total power generation of our wind power projects in Pakistan has reached 1140MW since we worked with local investors to build the Dawood 50MW Wind Power Project under the CPEC in 2015, as our first new energy project in Pakistan. This includes the Sachal 50MW Wind Power Project built in collaboration with Arif Habib, and the Tricon Boston 150MW Wind Power Project built in collaboration with Sapphire.

Also, we worked together with Atlas to develop a 100MW solar energy project, according to Yang, the head of POWERCHINA’s office in Pakistan and chairman of APCEA.

He made it clear that all of these endeavors represent not only business potential but also a duty that they must accept.


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