Coach of Pakistan says, “We have a team of champions, but not a champion team.”

Coach of Pakistan says, "We have a team of champions, but not a champion team."

“We’ve allowed our players to realise or accept that we’re not the team they want us to be just yet. If we want to compete for and win the World Cup, we want to be ranked first in every format of the game. Our game will have to improve, and our players will have to improve [theirselves].”

The team has already heard from Mickey [Arthur] and myself multiple times; we have inspired them to feel like we have the group. We do, however, have a group of champions, as I have already said, but we do not yet have a champion team. That is the basis that we wish to lay, according to Bradburn.

“We’ve given our players the opportunity to understand or accept the fact that we’re not the team we want to be just yet. We need to be rated #1 in every format of the game if we are to contend for and win the World Cup. Both our team’s game and our players’ personal development must be improved.

“We will clearly aid the players, but we will also insist that they lift themselves and get better. If we bring the style of play that has worked well for us over the past two or three years, we risk finishing second and falling behind in the Asia Cup and World Cup. And we have to get used to that right away,” he continued.

“One of the things we’re looking to bring is pure competition, contests for two players, two or more players, for every position in all game types. International cricket is more competitive, so no player should feel secure or at ease. They ought to be aware that one of their teammates wants the job they have and is capable of doing it well. And maybe that’s the difference we create.

This shows us that it makes no difference who we play, whether it’s Scotland, India, Hong Kong, or anyone else. Anyone can beat you and win the game. We also need to be masters of the batting, bowling, and fielding fundamentals. I think we did quite well in one of those areas, but our fielding and bowling probably fell short. So if we’re going to do that, in T20. You’re going to finish second most of the time, he said after Pakistan was trounced in the fifth T20I.

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