CSS officer Bilal Pasha’s apparent suicide shocks all of Pakistan

People from all walks of life are deeply saddened by the shocking death of Bilal Pasha, a prominent CSS officer from Pakistan.
His self-inflicted death caused deep grief among civil servants, and he reportedly suffered from mental stress for some time.
Residents of the area told the media that they found the bloody body of Bilal Pasha, who committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, in his home.
The body of the former Cantonment Board Secretary was returned to his hometown after funeral prayers.
Police have launched an investigation to find out whether the officer committed suicide or was murdered by someone.
The shocking death of a prominent CSS worker has sparked tributes and condemnation on social media, while renewing calls for greater mental health awareness.

Bilal Pasha is a bureaucrat and digital creator from a village in Punjab.
He received his primary education from a school established in a madrasa and later earned a degree in agriculture from Faisalabad University.
The deceased achieved his 47th rank in his CSS exam and was considered a beacon of hope who overcame the most difficult exam with simple means.
Bilal was found to have received a scholarship from the Punjab Educational Foundation to pursue an MPhil degree, highlighting his commitment to education.

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