Dar believes Pakistan has a bright future despite a number of obstacles

Dar believes Pakistan has a bright future despite a number of obstacles.

Muhammad Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister and Leader of the House in the Senate, stated on Friday that while Pakistan may currently be facing various difficulties, nothing could stop the nation from progress and development.

He concluded his speech by saying, “Despite the current problems, I can see a bright future for Pakistan ahead of us,” at a special commemorative session called to honour the golden jubilee of the Senate of Pakistan. I firmly believe that Pakistan would be protected by Allah Almighty because it was founded in the name of Kalma (Laa ilaaha illal Lahoo Muhammadur Rasool Ullah (s.a.w)).

He claimed that throughout the previous three days, the Upper House had been filled with lively celebrations of Pakistan’s thriving democratic system and traditions.

“We observe tranquility, soberness, discipline, decency, and tolerance during the hearing,” he remarked.

According to the finance minister, the Upper House witnessed civility and respect for one another during all three of the special session’s procedures.

I wanted and genuinely prayed that the culture we all experienced during the three days of celebration on the august floor of this house continues to persist for all of time to come since they are the cornerstones of the respectable parliamentary democratic system. Ishaq Dar also commended Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani for organizing such a large-scale ceremony to commemorate the Senate of Pakistan’s 50th anniversary.

He claimed that the Senate Chairman’s leadership had made the Upper House more active, lively, and progressive in accordance with global parliamentary standards.

The minister claimed that the Chairman of the Senate’s administrative and policy initiatives had improved the federation, Parliament, democracy, and governance.

He believed that the public’s trust and confidence in the parliamentary democratic system had been restored by the participants in the special session held to commemorate the golden jubilee.

He also paid respect to former Senate Chairmen and Vice Chairmen, saying that their contributions to advancing democracy and the Upper House would always be remembered.


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