Doctor’s Warning: Smoking After Iftar Promotes Heart Disease

Doctor's Warning: Smoking After Iftar Promotes Heart Disease

Smoking right after breaking the fast during Ramadan increases the risk of heart disease, according to Dr. Kaghan Golan, chairman of the cardiology division of Antioch University Medical Faculty in Turkey.

According to the news agency’s report, Dr. Golan claimed that in addition to dizziness, persons who smoke cigarettes right after breaking their fast have physical tremors as well as tremors in their hands and feet. Because smoking causes the body’s complete immune system to become disrupted after a long layoff but not after a short one.

He added that smoking during Ramadan causes more severe damage to blood vessel walls than smoking does throughout the rest of the year.

According to Dr. Golan, certain medical data indicates that during Ramadan, mortality from heart-related illnesses rise, and smoking can also result in a quick demise.

He emphasized that in order to profit from the body’s habit of not using tobacco during the many hours of fasting, one should use Ramadan as an opportunity to begin quitting smoking.

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