Elon Mask commended the UAE for its strides in space

Elon Mask commended the UAE for its strides in space

The Nationals released first-ever images of the Moon taken by the spacecraft made in the Emirate. An Emirati social influencer named Hassan Sajwani tweeted The National’s article, to which Elon Musk responded, “Congrats UAE!”

Along with three US institutions, the expedition included more than 200 Emirati engineers, scientists, and researchers. It was put into orbit around the Red Planet in 2021 after being launched in 2020. Important information about the weather in space and Mars’ atmosphere has been provided by the probe. Like spending more than two weeks chasing a sizable dust storm and taking pictures of auroras.

By becoming the first Arab country to successfully launch a spacecraft to Mars, the UAE has created history. The goal of the Hope probe is to examine the Martian atmosphere and offer information on its climate and weather. The spacecraft will be launched on a Japanese rocket in July 2020 after being jointly developed by three US colleges. It took seven months to get there, and on February 2021, it finally made it inside the orbit of the Red Planet.

The Hope probe has been returning useful information on weather patterns ever since it arrived. On the planet, it has tracked a large dust storm. Additionally, it is helping scientists comprehend how these storms can travel around the globe. In the nightside atmosphere of Mars, it has also obtained some infrequent photographs of the aurora, which will aid scientists in understanding the connections between solar radiation, the planet’s magnetic fields, and the atmosphere.

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