Food Minister will take action against excessive retail prices

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Food Minister will take action against excessive retail prices

Mukesh Kumar Chawla, the Sindh food minister, called for harsh action against those responsible for the excessive pricing of wheat flour in Hyderabad on Thursday. He also called for the supply of flour at reasonable prices.

The provincial minister instructed the secretary of food to conduct an investigation into claims that wheat and flour were being overpriced in Hyderabad in order to determine the truth and identify who was to blame.

According to Chawla, the Government of Sindh ensures that flour is provided to residents of the province at reduced prices. More than a thousand stalls, fixed locations, and mobile units are selling flour for Rs. 65 per kilogram, he said, adding that a massive awareness campaign was run to ensure that the greatest number of people possible take advantage of the program.

The minister gave orders to the Secretary of Food and the Director of Food to ensure that cheap flour is supplied throughout Sindh, including Hyderabad, and to the Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad to take enforcement action against anyone discovered to be involved in selling flour at exorbitant prices.

He stated ordinary retailers ought to carry the subsidized wheat flour as well.

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