Foodpanda and Hunehar Collaborate to Improve Communities’ Economy

Foodpanda and Hunehar Collaborate to Improve Communities' Economy

Foodpanda, the top online delivery business in the nation, and Hunehar have partnered strategically to provide parents with financial prospects. As a result of their collaboration, Hunehar will identify the parents of their pupils who are seeking employment, and Foodpanda will give them financial autonomy by hiring them as delivery riders.

Foodpanda will guarantee unique and interesting prizes to the top performers in addition to providing employment chances, company uniforms, and monthly bonuses for exceptional performance. Since 2012, Hunehar, a non-profit organization led by students, has been educating and empowering out-of-school youth in disadvantaged regions of the nation.

As a major online delivery service, we believe it is our duty to give our fellow Pakistanis access to economic prospects, according to Farhan Khan, Director of Logistics for foodpanda. We are happy to work with Hunehar in this effort to give student parents financial support as they move toward a better future, which will be founded on the economic foundation we are setting down with Hunehar.

“Partnering with foodpanda as we hit the ten-year mark of our operations is a source of enormous satisfaction for us, and a significant milestone in our efforts to improve lives,” added Fatima Faisal, Director Liaison at Hunehar. In these trying times, having access to the income opportunities provided by foodpanda is certain to open up previously closed doors to wealth and enhance numerous lives. We are grateful to have foodpanda on our side as this is a significant step in the right direction.

The foodpanda-Hunehar alliance is intended to boost incomes while giving parents greater incentives to send their kids to school. Both organizations will post success stories on social media to promote more enrollment of students and onboarding of riders.

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