French Company Creates E-Bike Battery That Can Be Repaired in 10 Minutes

French Company Creates E-Bike Battery That Can Be Repaired in 10 Minutes

Batteries for electric bikes may be fairly expensive, and recycling them is not without its difficulties. In many instances, even a single faulty part, such a circuit board or a cell, might make the entire battery worthless and necessitate its disposal.

Gouach, a French manufacturer of e-bike batteries, is attempting to solve this problem by revamping the battery pack. Typically, battGouach has created a battery pack that makes it possible to access individual, unsealed cells. According to the manufacturer, the battery includes “few components for easy maintenance and recycling” and “no spot-weld technology.”

ery manufacturers produce non-repairable battery packs by welding the cells together to save money.

This is considerably preferable than having to wait days or weeks for a new battery pack, according to the French battery manufacturer, whose batteries can be opened and mended in under 10 minutes. In comparison to spending a fortune on a new battery, this approach is also significantly more affordable.

The four capacities of Gouach’s rechargeable batteries are 420Wh, 430Wh, 540Wh, and 560Wh. Before rolling out the new battery on a large scale, the corporation may test it out in ride-sharing programs.

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