General Petroleum is now Pakistan’s fastest-growing manufacturer of lubricants.

General Petroleum is now Pakistan's fastest-growing manufacturer of lubricants.

Known around the world for its high-quality petroleum products and services, General Petroleum GmbH is a well-known lubricants firm. Automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants are among the company’s offerings, as well as speciality goods that adhere to worldwide standards including Petrogen, Deogen, Syncrogen, By-Gen, GreasGen, Margen, Glycogen, and Ingen.

These goods have API certifications and OEM clearances and are blended in ISO-certified facilities. General Petroleum GmbH is dedicated to offering its clients products of the highest caliber.
Business Integrity, Sense of Responsibility, Quality Consciousness, and Customer Service are the company’s core principles that shape its culture and direct its business practices. The business is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of both its workers and the communities in which it conducts business as a responsible corporate citizen.

The engine oils from General Petroleum are precisely prepared to improve your car’s performance and provide a comfortable and effective ride. You may find General Petroleum engine oil for your car from your neighborhood lubricants shop or oil change station.

The company’s engine oils are compatible with a wide range of brands, including Kixx engine oil, Shell engine oil, ZIC engine oil, Total engine oil, PSO engine oil, Atlas Honda engine oil 20w40, and more. They are available in several grades, including 5w30 engine oil.

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