Government Releases Mental Health App and Citizen Helpline

Government Releases Mental Health App and Citizen Helpline

Humraz, the first mental health app developed by the government, as well as Helpline were introduced by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. In a tweet commemorating World Health Day today, he highlighted that it is crucial for the improvement of our society that citizens’ welfare, particularly their mental health, be taken into consideration.

When a person has suicidal thoughts or a mental health emergency, the program will let them contact the appropriate authorities. Also, users can set up individual consultations with psychiatrists and psychologists to discuss their issues.

Salman Sufi, the director of the prime minister’s strategic reforms, had stated earlier in February that the initiative’s goal was to offer consulting services and to help those whose mental health was worsening live healthier and better lives.

Sufi noted that public employees who are feeling overburdened can speak privately about the stress they are under and seek assistance. He further stated that it is being developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Health by the PM Strategic Reforms Unit.

He claimed that there aren’t enough psychologists and psychiatrists to assist those who are at danger and those with mental health issues. He added that it was too late for Pakistan to start such a move, but that “we are sending as many people as we have access to and we plan to add more at a later date.”

“Because to this, the Prime Minister has demanded that we start discussing it right away. A suitable licensure and certification system for psychologists and psychiatrists is another goal of ours. In regard to unverified reports, this application will be helpful. Obtaining more precise data will be beneficial compared to depending solely on it.

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