Here are the earnings from his YouTube channel for “Ducky Bhai”

Here are the earnings from his YouTube channel for "Ducky Bhai''

It’s Saad Ur Rehman. Ducky Bhai is a Pakistani YouTuber, gamer, and roaster who is well known online. The real name of Ducky Bhai is Saad U, Rehman. He is the top YouTuber in Pakistan. He received the Pisa Award for Top Youtuber in 2020.

Award-winning YouTuber Saad Ur Rehman, also known as Ducky Bhai, has infuriated his fans by urging everyone who can to leave Pakistan as soon as possible and return only when conditions improve.

Known for his movies where he wantonly roasts people

Recently, Ducky Bhai advised people to relocate abroad and return when Pakistan is stable on Twitter.

“If you have the means, get out of Pakistan as soon as possible. Retain your nationality and passport. You are always welcome to return when conditions are steady.

Ducky Bhai made an estimated Rs. 150 million in 6 years thanks to his Youtube channel, which has a total of roughly 710 million views and 4.66 million followers.

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