Honda raises motorcycle prices by as much as Rs. 30,000.

Honda raises motorcycle prices by as much as Rs. 30,000.

The ongoing devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has sparked a new round of price increases, with devastating effects on the population. The latest entrant into this saga is Atlas Honda (KLMC), whose prices have also increased his Rs. 30,000.

From February 1, Honda’s new car prices will be as follows

ModelCurrent Prices In Pakistan (Rs.)Revised Prices In Pakistan (Rs.)Increase Prices In Pakistan (Rs.)
CD 70121,500 (Rs.)
128,900 (Rs.)
7,400 (Rs.)
CD 70 Dream129,900 (Rs.)
137,900 (Rs.)
8,000 (Rs.)
Prider161,900 (Rs.)
170,900 (Rs.)
9,000 (Rs.)
CG 125
185,900 (Rs.)
194,900 (Rs.)
5,600 (Rs.)
CG 125 Special Edition
219,500 (Rs.)
230,900 (Rs.)
11,400 (Rs.)
CB 125 F
283,900 (Rs.)
303,900 (Rs.)
22,000 (Rs.)
CB 150 F
353,900 (Rs.)
383,900 (Rs.)
30,000 (Rs.)
CB 150 F SE
357,900 (Rs.)
387,900 (Rs.)
30,000 (Rs.)

Last week, Atlas Honda Limited announced that its profit for the quarter ended 31 December 2022 was Rs 1.48 billion, down 3.7% from Rs. 1.46 billion for the same period last year.

The company’s revenue fell by 3% in the quarter he compared to Rs. A record $36.26 billion in the year-ago quarter saw some price gains during the quarter.

However, revenue increased by 19% compared to the previous quarter (QoQ). The surge in sales was driven by volume growth, with 272,638 units sold, up nearly 9% year-on-year.

Bike sales and profits have suffered due to recent production problems. Additionally, Honda has announced several price increases in recent months, which has dampened demand. Given the current economic climate, it appears that further price increases and sales cutbacks are underway.

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