ICCIA hosts the 5th Best of Entrepreneurship session in the field of Green Entrepreneurship.

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ICCIA hosts the 5th Best of Entrepreneurship session in the field of Green Entrepreneurship.

The Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCIA) will host the fifth round of the Best of Entrepreneurship Pakistan (BOE) series in Karachi. The theme of this event is Green Entrepreneurship in Pakistan and will focus on the opportunities for private sector representatives and entrepreneurs in the context of the transition to a green economy and the challenges they face on a daily basis. .

The Best of Entrepreneurship series was conceived and developed by ICCIA. The event includes a series of complementary activities conducted at various levels. This will include panel discussions and entrepreneurial talks with an open space to share policy recommendations and trends that will shape and create a sustainable future.

We aim to spur increased entrepreneurial activity in Pakistan by sharing industry-specific information and best practices with business leaders and private sector representatives, and by providing available support from stakeholders in the ecosystem. purpose.

“On behalf of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, I believe that it is important now more than ever to create awareness and find indigenous solutions for transitioning to green energy, managing plastic waste, and understanding the contribution of all these factors towards climate change. Such initiatives, like the Best of Entrepreneurship Series Pakistan, create visibility about the work that is being done in sector-specific areas and enhance ecosystem-wide knowledge and synergies,” Ms. Aalia Jafar, Director of International Relations, Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ICCIA), said about the upcoming BOE event.

The event’s first session will be titled “Greening the Energy Sector:
Opportunities & Challenges.” It will be moderated by Sajjeed Aslam- Regional Lead, ACCA, ESG, & CEO. The guest speakers for the session will include Mujtaba Khan, CEO Reon, Zain Haq, Vice President/Global Head – Agriculture & Forestry, Chairman of Board SPL PLC, Shell, and CEO K-Solar.

The second session will be “Plastic Pollution:
Local Solutions to a Global Problem.” Guest speakers session include Dr. Yasir Nawab, Associate Professor / Dean SET, National Textile University, Shiza Aslam, Head of Circular Plastic Institute, KSBL, Khawaja Bilal Hussain, Senior Vice president, Head of Strategy, Sustainability and Business Development, Engro, Shariq Vohra, Former President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Executive Committee Member of FPCCI, and Waleed Bin Ayub, Sr. Packaging & Sustainability Development Manager at Unilever. The session will be moderated by Syed Saad Ali Pasha, Director of Business Development, ICCIA.

Farhan Adil Mehboob, Director of S.Mehboob & CO, Founder, Director and CEO of Garbage Can, Ahmad Shabbar, CEO of Zephyr Power, Kumayl Khaleeli, Hamza Nisar Kushtiwala (Author of BEHIND THE GREEN), Andeel Ali (National Incubation, Karachi) The head of the center’s M&E department will also be attending the event.

The meeting will be held at 10 am on December 8, 2022.
00 – 5:
12:00 p.m. at the Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL), Karachi.

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