In a lavish wedding in Dubai, a Pakistani tycoon weights his daughter with gold bricks (VIDEO)

In a lavish wedding in Dubai, a Pakistani tycoon weights his daughter with gold bricks (VIDEO)

DUBAI – In South Asia, the trend toward lavish weddings is still going strong, and more and more Pakistanis are joining the trend every day.

Only a select few can compete with elite wedding festivities in terms of luxury, as they explore all untapped possibilities to make nuptials distinctive while elevating their reputation.

Pakistanis have witnessed every gimmick imaginable, from dollars to gold coins raining down, and one particular incident that became the buzz of the town had a businessman weighing his daughter in gold on her special day.

The extravagant ritual, which is identical to the traditional Hindu regal practice known as “tuladhana,” quickly gained attention when social media users caught wind of it and videos of the occasion went viral, sparking discussion. The video depicts a wealthy family weighing the bride with gold bricks on a scale. Unconfirmed sources stated that it contained about 69 kg of bullion.

Social media users apparently took exception with the family’s attempt to speak for a long time, criticizing them for their blatant display of wealth.

Even keyboard warriors advised the merchant to donate the gold to earthquake victims or to carry out charitable work in their own country, where people are struggling to obtain basic necessities. Some referred to it as a stark reminder of the gap between the super-rich and the average person.

For those who are unaware, the Mughal ruler Jalal-ud-din Akbar made history by weighing his son in gold coins to mark his birthday.

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