In Lahore, Section 144 was implemented prior to PSL 8.

In Lahore, Section 144 was implemented prior to PSL 8.

Given the current state of peace and order in the city and the impending PSL 8 matches, the interim Punjab Government has imposed Section 144 in Lahore for a period of seven days.

The Punjab Government, as stated in the notification, has implemented Section 144 in three locations in Lahore: the Mian Mir Bridge to Istanbul Chowk, the Civil Secretariat and its surrounding districts, and Main Boulevard Gulberg.

The decision to implement Section 144 was made because to the frequent rallies and protests that take place in these regions. These events not only endanger public safety but also interrupt traffic and annoy the general public.

Additionally, the announcement said that PSL 8 matches would begin in Lahore on February 26, 2023, and that many people would likely travel along Main Boulevard to the Qaddafi Stadium. Hence, Section 144 has been implemented by the government in certain Lahore neighborhoods.

The public is forbidden from holding any and all assemblies, gatherings, sit-ins, rallies, processions, demonstrations, jalsas, dharnas, protests, and other similar events in the aforementioned Lahore neighborhoods under Section 144.

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