In the UAE, up to 90% of job seekers’ CVs are rejected.

In the UAE, up to 90% of job seekers' CVs are rejected.

Up to 90% of applications from job seekers in the UAE are rejected in the first round and never make it to the hiring manager for a variety of reasons, but largely because the CVs are badly written by the candidates.

Large organizations in the UAE are apparently using artificial intelligence (AI) systems to sift through the hundreds of CVs they receive daily from prospective candidates, according to recruitment and HR consultants.

Hence, if a CV is not properly structured, presented, and emailed, there is a good chance that it will not reach its intended receiver or the desired employment.

Mayank Patel, vice president of sales for Eastern Europe, and Mena, country head for Adecco Middle East, claim that the hiring manager may quickly identify the most eligible candidates with the help of AI tools.

AI solutions streamline the laborious screening process and sort applicants based on their qualifications rather than personal preferences.

A recruiting manager may receive as many as 200 resumes each day.

The technology analyzes the recruiting manager’s requirements and narrows down applications to about 10% to 20% of those who will be contacted for the next phase of screening, according to Patel.

Also, “around 20% of candidates get in front of the recruiting manager’s eyes.”

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