Is the government considering cutting civil servant salaries by 10%?

Is the government considering cutting civil servant salaries by 10%?

Amid Pakistan’s economic woes, the federal government may cut a civil servant’s salary by 10% of him as the National Austerity Commission (NAC) grapples with cutting public spending and ensuring fiscal discipline. Reports have surfaced.

The NAC will finalize its recommendations on Wednesday (today) and send the report to his Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif for approval, according to a report published in The News.

According to the report, the NAC has proposed reducing the number of ministers, ministers of state, advisors and SAPMs to 30, the rest should not receive resources from the Ministry of Finance as needed. They should work pro bono.

The federal government last week met with a 15-member National Austerity Commission to finalize recommendations on five major terms of reference (ToRs) to cut public spending and ensure “austerity” at the government level. set up a meeting. This development was done to persuade the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to issue a $1.18 billion tranche as part of its ninth review of its current program with global lenders. I was.

According to the same report, the NAC also recommended stopping the use of funds for state nature projects and banning public sector companies from securing loans through government guarantees and several others.

However, NAC is reluctant to address large expenditure items for significant spending reductions in budget allocations such as: B. Reducing the number of divisions/departments after the 18th Amendment as divisions/divisions and divisions overlap unabated.

Several overlapping ministries/departments operate at the federal level and the Center should limit their number to 5 to 6 including Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Security, all other decentralized ministries should be abolished.

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