Islamabad’s New Road Collapses After First Monsoon Rain

Islamabad's New Road Collapses After First Monsoon Rain

The G10/4 neighbourhood of Islamabad’s newly built bridge’s road was unable to survive even the first monsoon downpour.

The bridge and its connecting road cost Rs. 80 million to build lately. The nearby road’s shoulders collapsed as a result of the intense monsoon rain.

Users of social media have vented their frustration with the civic organization for the subpar construction job. They have noted that the lack of street lighting makes the road vulnerable to fatal accidents. A blind ditch has been left on the side of the road where one of the shoulders used to be.

Bhara Kahu Mishap

The Bhara Kahu overpass project has also earned a bad reputation for its subpar workmanship, execution, and quality. The federal government and the civic organization recently found itself in hot water following another accident.

A part of the building recently fell onto a car in a Twitter video, smashing the windshield and causing front damage.

Despite the fact that the driver and passengers only suffered minor injuries, the public was indignant at the Capital Development Authority (CDA), local government, and administration.

The project experienced two significant incidents back-to-back in March 2023. In one disaster, the shuttering collapsed, while in the other, the entire bridge section collapsed.

Internet users have urged the government to monitor development initiatives, particularly in terms of their calibre and design.

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