Launching a biometric service, Abu Dhabi Airport’s face will serve as the boarding pass

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Launching a biometric service, Abu Dhabi Airport's face will serve as the boarding pass

The first stage of the biometric project at Abu Dhabi International Airport is now being delivered by NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi-based technology business.

Together with its international partners IDEMIA and SITA, NEXT50 will launch the project, showcasing its cutting-edge AI technologies.

Prior to rolling out the technology to all airport passenger touchpoints, next-generation biometric solutions will first be deployed at a few self-service baggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, and boarding gates.

“We are thrilled to be heading the biometrics project at the state-of-the-art International Airport in the UAE capital as part of the Emirate’s digital transformation agenda,” stated Ibrahim Al Mannaee, Chief Executive Officer of NEXT50.

“Once the project is completed, the airport will be the only one in the area with biometric solutions implemented across all customer touchpoints, supporting Abu Dhabi Airport’s vision to operate the most technologically advanced airport in the world and offer a seamless experience to all of its passengers. We are pleased to work with IDEMIA and SITA and to contribute our knowledge of data science and artificial intelligence to the realization of this endeavor,” he continued.

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