Man Detained for Cruelly Murdering Orange Line Train Guard

Man Detained for Cruelly Murdering Orange Line Train Guard

A passenger savagely battered a guard on the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT), which resulted in the guard’s death on Tuesday morning. The incident allegedly took place at the Gowalmandi station when the guard forbade the victim from boarding the train’s ladies’ section.

The Gowalmandi police have detained the accused, who is known as Hamza. The suspect has been charged by the police, and the body has been taken to a hospital for an autopsy.

Following the incident, OLMT attracted a great deal of unfavorable publicity. The service management has come under fire from internet users for not arming the guards or giving them the tools they need to protect other passengers or themselves.

Others also criticized the service for being unclean in a recent report. That happened right after the service personnel made the decision to strike in protest of their delayed pay.

Both the government and the service administration have yet to react on this regrettable incident and the precarious situation at OLMT.

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