Near Vehari, a bus hostess is “critical” after being raped.

Near Vehari, a bus hostess is "critical" after being raped.

KARACHI – In a horrifying occurrence, a security guard in Punjab sexually raped a bus hostess when the vehicle was driving close to Vehari’s neighbourhood, according to authorities on Saturday.

After being assaulted and beaten on a moving bus while travelling to Vehari, a city around 300 kilometres from the province capital Lahore, the victim is reportedly in critical condition.

Local police reported the incident and apprehended the perpetrator, Sheraz, who allegedly locked the bus before beating the female bus hostess while it was travelling without passengers.

With the assistance of the driver, who closed the doors and did not halt the empty coach, Sheraz, who was mistaken for the guard, sexually assaulted the female employee.

The suspect and the bus driver were both taken into custody by the local police after the incident, and further investigations are being conducted.

Human rights advocates are demanding severe punishment for those responsible for the horrible occurrence, which has brought sexual assault to light in the world’s fifth-most populous country.

The crime happened soon after a woman was sexually raped by two guys in the F-9 park in the nation’s federal capital during another gang rape.

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