One of the best social scientists comes out of Habib University’s Social Development and Policy Program.

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One of the best social scientists comes out of Habib University's Social Development and Policy Program.

Making the choice of which university to go to and what degree to pursue is one of life’s most difficult yet crucial decisions for young adults. One must consider not just the faculty members’ credentials who will be instructing you, but also the cost and accessibility of the program. As for me, I was afraid to apply to Habib University because, although having a top-notch campus and outstanding academic faculty, its tuition was significantly greater than that of other universities. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Habib University provides scholarships and financial help to more than 80% of its students and offers fully financed scholarships to Pakistani students through HU TOPS. They gave me and countless other children the chance to participate.

Liberal arts are sometimes perceived as nebulous and unimportant, and they may be taught in many institutions in this fashion, but at Habib University, this is not the case.

Since I started attending this university, both intellectually and personally, I have transformed as a person and a student. There is nothing like that in the social science department, at least not in their curriculum. As a whole, Habib University is mostly recognized as a liberal arts university, and they live up to their reputation! We are gradually becoming experts in a variety of subjects, including economics, sociology, history, and data analysis, in addition to having international teachers and a rigorous curriculum.

Many people believe that liberal arts and sciences are unimportant and ambiguous, and it’s possible that this is how they’re taught in many institutions, but this is not the case at Habib University.

Fieldwork and gaining experiences outside of the classroom are required of us. With the help of electives, SDP gives students the chance to specialize in their areas of interest. These areas of interest can include economics, sociology and anthropology, gender and identity, program planning and assessment, and a wide range of other topics and disciplines. We do in-depth research into the issues that are currently plaguing our society and keep pushing back against the concepts and theories that have long been held in vogue.

Habib University continually pushes us to advance our knowledge while also giving back to the neighborhood. They continually give us opportunities to study abroad, which has changed the lives of many students, while giving our academic success top attention. This university is more driven than any other to turn out the best students and ensure a transformation of our culture and outlook on the world. Some may claim that other colleges prioritize their commercial and management departments over their social science department. However, Habib University continues to put in a lot of effort to provide a top-notch curriculum for the students and strives to turn out the greatest social science students in Pakistan, as I have personally witnessed while attending.

Habib University upholds the ideal of excellence to guarantee students’ success, not only in the field of development but also in Pakistan’s government services. Novaira Khan is one illustration; she earned her degree in social development and policy from Habib University in 2021 and is currently serving the country with pride. In addition to this, Habib University students are enrolling in some of the best postgraduate programs in the world. Nazish Rizvan, a 2018 Habib University graduate who is now a Graduate Teaching Assistant and a Management and Human Resources student at the University of Tennessee, is one such pupil.

Choosing a university is rarely an easy decision, but as a young student, choosing to pursue BSc Social Development and Policy at Habib University was the best option I have ever made. Habib University is the place for you if you’re looking for a social science undergraduate program with outstanding teachers and intellectual experience.

Start your online application at to this top liberal arts university in Pakistan, which adheres to the same high international academic standards. The Fall 2023 admissions period is now open.

Habib University student Syeda Soha Zaka is enrolled in the Social Development and Policy program. She is an ardent reader, aspiring social scientist, and social work enthusiast.

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