ONIC Pakistan:PTA shares update on mobile licensing for new mobile operators 

ONIC Pakistan:
PTA shares update on mobile licensing for new mobile operators 

ISLAMABAD- The social network is flooded with ads and posts about the new telecom player in the market and few people know that this new player is a sub-brand of Ufone.

Amid the hype surrounding the new telecom operator, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said on Friday that no new operators have been granted mobile phone licenses to provide mobile services. in Pakistan.

In a statement, the authorities said the public and social media users are misinterpreting a new operator launching mobile services in Pakistan under the name ONIC.

The PTA said that Pak. Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), which already owns the Ufone brand, intends to launch another new ONIC digital product to cater to the digital market segment that prefers convenient digital interaction instead of provide traditional services to top users. 

In its statement, the PTA said they are actively communicating with PTML about their plans to launch ONIC. In line with its commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer protection, the PTA has advised PTML to comply with all necessary regulatory requirements.  

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