Over 4,000 Pakistani postgraduates out of work, HEC

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Over 4,000 Pakistani postgraduates out of work, HEC

The HEC report also revealed some surprising facts, as many graduate students are still unemployed.

Although many public and private universities have vacancies, about 4,000 graduate students are still looking for jobs.

According to a survey conducted by HEC in 2021, 268 out of a total of 869 PhD programs had a disproportionate teacher-student ratio for PhD programs. However, he currently has only 662 Ph.D.
According to the
report, the university only appoints new Ph.D. students for her one year. Scholarship holders who completed their PhD between 2009 and 2019 are still unemployed.

According to the report, only 642 researchers registered on a job portal created specifically for PhD students. In addition, 358 graduate PhDs were appointed as part of an intermediate placement program for graduate PhDs for one year.

According to HEC regulations, the department requires her three full-time doctoral teachers of the relevant subjects to conduct the doctoral programme. A teacher can only take care of her five students at a time.

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