‘Pakistan, I miss you’, British High Commissioner to leave Pakistan soon

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'Pakistan, I miss you', British High Commissioner to leave Pakistan soon

The British High Commissioner for Pakistan, Dr. Christian Turner, is due to leave the country in mid-January.

The British High Commission said on Monday that he will take up the post of Geopolitical Director (Political Director) at the UK’s Foreign and Federal Development Office (FCDO) in London.

“British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley MP has approved the appointment of Dr. Christian Turner CMG as Geopolitical Secretary (Director of Political Affairs) of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) to a senior diplomatic post in London. ‘

During his three years as High Commissioner, Christian Turner oversaw the UK’s COVID-19 repatriation efforts

I will closely monitor Pakistan’s future in my new role in London. I will continue to do so,” Turner was quoted as saying in a statement.

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