Pakistan Railways increases fares for all passenger trains  

Pakistan Railways increases fares for all passenger trains  

LAHORE – As oil prices hit record highs, Pakistan Railways announced a significant increase in fares for all trains.

Fares for all passenger trains have increased by 10% since August 17, 2023, according to public relations officials.

Fares will be rounded according to previous guidelines to ensure convenience for passengers and ticket agents.

An updated fare table detailing the changes will be available on the Pakistan Railways website.

Travelers who book tickets will see the revised fare in the booking system. All reservation and reservation offices, as well as train stations, have been tasked with implementing and communicating the new fare structure to passengers.

The reason for the fare increase was not given by Pakistan Railways. However, it is widely believed that the main factor behind the recent increase in tariffs is the unprecedented increase in oil prices. 

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