Pakistan’s ‘default risk’ has reached alarming proportions, Mikhta Ismail admits

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Pakistan's 'default risk' has reached alarming proportions, Mikhta Ismail admits

Former Finance Minister and Pakistan Muslim League leader Nawaz (PML-N), while criticizing his party-led federal government, said the country is on the brink of default as risks are now at alarming levels. claimed to be in

In his article, Mikhta Ismail dismissed Finance Minister Ishak Dar’s demands on the economy, revealing that Pakistan’s risk of bankruptcy had risen to dangerous levels: “Now the government has room for error.” There is no “.

He further explained that the risks would not end after the bonds were redeemed in December.But the government has no right to criticize PTI or others if they are not doing the right thing. not.

Ismail’s article describes the devaluation of Pakistan’s currency as a fundamental problem in the Pakistani economy, noting that there is a huge and constant gap between the open market and the interbank exchange rate.

But he advised the government to put national interests ahead of political interests.

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