Pakistan’s first female Supreme Court justice on BBC’s 100 women list

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Pakistan's first female Supreme Court justice on BBC's 100 women list

The country’s first female Supreme Court Justice, Justice Ayesha Malik, is included in the BBC’s 2022 list of 100 inspiring and influential women around the world.

The only Pakistani woman in Season 10 of her 100 Inspiring Women list of the British Broadcasting Corporation was Judge Ayesha Malik. She made history by becoming the first female Supreme Court justice in a male-dominated society.

The BBC has upheld Malik’s ruling protecting women’s rights, particularly her landmark ruling against her two-finger virginity test.

It was further noted that Justice Ayesha conducts her courses of training for judges around the world. She has organized conferences for women judges in South Asian countries.It also aims to stimulate discussion on integrating gender perspectives into the judicial system.

“Women need to construct new narratives, ones that include women’s perspectives, share experiences and contain stories,” said the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

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