Pakistan’s Metro introduces the T9 electric scooter

Pakistan's Metro introduces the T9 electric scooter

The Metro T9 EV is the first electric scooter produced by Pak Star Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd in Pakistan. The firm is best known for producing Tez Raftar motorcycles and rickshaws.

The Metro T9 EV is the company’s first of many electric scooters that will be introduced in Pakistan. The Metro M6, E8S Pro, LY, and KS3 Lite are among the four additional models listed as “coming soon” on the company’s official website for Metro EVs.

Electric scooter Metro T9

The Metro T9 Electric Scooter, sometimes known as an EV, is propelled by a 600W electric motor and a 60V 38aH graphene battery that, according to the manufacturer, has a life-cycle of 1,000 charges, or 3–4 years. The Metro T9 EV can also cover 105 kilometers (KM) on a single charge, which takes about 4 to 5 hours and uses only 2.5 units of power.

In addition, the company asserts that you can save up to 2,000 liters of gasoline, or Rs. 544,000, before the scooter battery needs to be changed.

The firm has not stated the top speed of the EV scooter, but after reading through various motorcycle reviews, users say that the Metro T9 Electric Scooter has a top speed of only 40–45 km/h.

The Metro T9 Electric Scooter (EV) is currently available in Pakistan for a starting price of Rs. 245,000; however, future price increases are anticipated. For further security, the electric scooter is backed by an 18-month warranty.

With a large number of electric automobiles and bikes being launched to consumers, the EV market is expanding in Pakistan. The EVEE C1 is the first-ever Made-in-Pakistan electric scooter, which was just released by the Pakistani firm Evee Electric.

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