Pakistan’s Saeed Nabeel Hasan Rizvi breaks India’s world record in 4 seconds

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Pakistan's Saeed Nabeel Hasan Rizvi breaks India's world record in 4 seconds

Pakistan’s Saeed Nabil Hassan Rizvi has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest by 4 seconds.

Sania Alam, Nabeel’s trainer at her Futuristic Learning USA Institute, says Nabil memorized her 30 random numbers in just four seconds, and correctly memorized them in the correct order.

Nabil broke the previous record set by an Indian by memorizing 28 numbers in March 2022. “Nabil has worked with me on his memory for years,” he says. He also participates in various international brain game competitions such as memory championships.

Sania said Nabeel Jr. is the bronze medalist in the 2019 UK Memory Championship and 2019 UK Mind Mapping Championship.

Nabeel said of this feat:

The longest figure remembered in four seconds is 30, which Nabeel achieved on 27 June in Karachi, Pakistan.

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