Punjab proposes raising the cost of a driving license by about 800%

Punjab proposes raising the cost of a driving license by about 800%.

A daring plan to adopt a significant increase in driving license costs has been put forth by the Punjab Police in an effort to increase revenue and improve traffic safety measures.

The provincial administration has just received a report from the Inspector General (IG) of Punjab, asking them to approve the proposed fee increases for various licensing categories.

If the plan receives the required support, major adjustments will be made to several license types.

The existing motorcycle driving license fee of Rs. 550 will increase by an astounding 263.64% to Rs. 2,000.

Similar to this, getting an LTV license would become noticeably more expensive due to a projected 321.05% increase in the rate, from Rs. 950 to Rs. 4,000.

The cost of obtaining an HTV license will jump from Rs. 450 to Rs. 4,000, representing an amazing percentage rise of 788.89%.

Along with these considerable changes, the learner license fee is also scheduled to undergo a large revision.

If approved, the cost of getting a learner’s permit will increase from the current Rs. 60 to Rs. 500, a staggering increase of 733.33%.

It’s crucial to remember that the increased fees would apply to both domestic and international driving licenses.

If the plan is approved, an International Driving License would cost Rs. 4,000, which is a significant percentage increase over the current price.

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