Salesflo was hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Malaysia!

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Salesflo was hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Malaysia!

Recently, Amazon Web Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted Salesflo, a renowned SaaS-based business with headquarters in Pakistan. Teams from AWS and Salesflo were able to explore the value of fostering an innovative culture in the context of the global technological landscape during the two-day meeting. The teams debated the significance of new leadership principles in a sector that is undergoing rapid change as well as the role of security and governance in a world that is becoming more and more digital. They were able to heavily emphasize the optimization and best practices made possible by AWS technology.

It was a terrific opportunity for them to engage directly and learn from the primary source that boosts its potential as a cloud native firm that runs 100% of its operations on the AWS cloud. The distribution value chain has been successfully automated by Salesflo, including order aggregation, voice-based order placement using AI, automated claims, AI-based order creation, machine learning-based order placement, and advanced picture recognition and analytics. Salesflo is always improving its products and skills to keep one step ahead of the constantly changing retail industry dynamics.

Their ability to design highly scalable solutions and grow rapidly is a result of their experience in a variety of industries. Salesflo now has a presence abroad in six nations, including Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, North America, Myanmar, and Ghana. They also have plans to expand its global reach.

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