Salt Bae will not be allowed at the US Open Cup Final in 2023.

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Salt Bae will not be allowed at the US Open Cup Final in 2023.

Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, often known as “Salt Bae,” has been barred from the US Open Cup final after upsetting football fans all around the world with his antics during FIFA World Cup festivities.

It is the oldest and most prestigious soccer competition in America, having been founded in 1914. The US Open Cup’s official Twitter account has acknowledged the development.

Salt Bae is hereby prohibited from participating in the 2023 @opencup Final, the US Open Cup stated in a tweet.

The judgment was made in response to the famous chef’s disturbance at the FIFA World Cup final and violation of a crucial FIFA rule. After he entered the field and interrupted Argentina’s World Cup festivities at the Lusail Stadium as the players were celebrating with their family, he left the supporters extremely irritated.

The Turkish salt sprinkler was caught stealing the valuable FIFA trophy from other players and posing with it in flagrant violation of FIFA regulations.

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