Saudi Arabia and Iran concur to restart relations and reopen embassies

Saudi Arabia and Iran concur to restart relations and reopen embassies


After a seven-year diplomatic break that exacerbated conflicts from Yemen to Syria and fueled tensions in the Gulf, Iran and Saudi Arabia decided to mend fences on Friday.

After meetings between the two competing Middle Eastern states’ top security officials in China, an agreement was achieved.

Iran and Saudi Arabia “decided to restart diplomatic relations and reopen embassies… within two months” as a result of the negotiations, according to Iranian news agency IRNA.

In a joint statement, the two nations emphasized respect for sovereignty and avoided meddling in one another’s internal affairs, according to Iranian and Saudi media.

According to the Saudi state news agency, they also decided to put into effect a prior agreement on trade, economic cooperation, and investment that was also inked in 2001.

Ali Shamkhani, Iran’s top security official, commended China for its involvement in the rapprochement as he signed the deal with Musaed bin Mohammed Al-Aiban, Saudi Arabia’s national security adviser, according to Iran’s Nour News.

For hosting discussions in 2021 and 2022, Saudi Arabia and Iran both expressed gratitude to Iraq and Oman.

The two dominant nations in the region have fought one another in proxy wars in places like Yemen and Syria for many years.

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