Settling Down in England Amir is insulted by Kamran Akmal.

Settling Down in England Amir is insulted by Kamran Akmal.

Kamran Akmal, a former cricketer for Pakistan, provides his thoughts on the prospect of Mohammad Amir returning to the team. According to Akmal, players who have invested a lot of time and energy in domestic cricket should be given proper consideration. Akmal said, “We are trying to get a player back who is trying to make it in England.

“Playing domestic cricket shouldn’t limit a player’s potential; if they are successful in all game formats, such as ODI, T20I, and four-day cricket, and have the potential to play Test cricket again, they should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. He stated, “Age shouldn’t be a barrier if the player can show their value.”

The 41-year-old has emphasized the importance of helping club cricket players reclaim their berth on the national team.

The coach emphasized the need to consider the players who are making an effort to reclaim a spot on the national squad by playing club cricket and showcasing their commitment.

Amir’s potential comeback to the team is regularly discussed by cricket fans, but the wicketkeeper-batsman argues that a more proactive approach for all players, not just Amir, is needed.

“Amir or Junaid Khan should not be the only athletes in our approach and objectives. “Ultimately, he concluded, “we need a better policy that doesn’t discriminate based on reputation or past behavior.

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