Sleep in the Swiss Alps in a hotel room without walls

Sleep in the Swiss Alps in a hotel room without walls

There are other unconventional hotels that rethink the standard B&B, from a lodge sculpted from ice to one composed of metal sheets.

One open-air hotel, Null Stern, does away with both walls and a roof completely. The only thing it has is a bed with linens, and it’s in the middle of the Swiss Mountains.

The hotel’s name translates to “zero stars” in German.

According to Daniel Charbonnier, a co-founder of the hotel, “each guest is the star, not the hotel. You and your experience are the only thing left after we took down all the walls.

He claims that Null Stern, which debuted in July 2016, is already fully booked through the end of 2017. As there is such a huge demand, the team is already collaborating with travel companies to construct additional Null Stern beds in another well-known Swiss region.

Look at the first “hotel” there.

Null Stern is situated 6,463 feet above sea level in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Around $210 is spent per night.

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