Teachers at Ghazi University are accused of rape and blackmail

In another upsetting occurrence after Islamia College Bahawalpur, two educators of Ghazi College in Dera Ghazi Khan have been blamed for assault and shakedown by a female understudy.

Teachers at Ghazi University are accused of rape and blackmail

The matter became exposed after a video explanation of the upset understudy turned into a web sensation via online entertainment starting shock among the majority. The supposed casualty, purportedly an understudy of Ghazi College’s material science division, shared the names of two educators, who had “kept her in a lodging with them short-term.”

She added that the two instructors were currently coercing her more youthful sister and requested equity, expressing that any other way she would self immolate.

In the mean time, Ghazi College’s representative Shoaib Raza expressed that video being flowed via virtual entertainment was an old one and move had previously been made on the casualty’s protest to the college.

Besides, The authority Twitter handle of Ghazi College expressed, “In regards to the viral video by an understudy via virtual entertainment, every one individuals are educated that this video is 4 months old and a request was directed on the solicitation of the understudy, because of which the concerned educators were suspended.”

It added, “This video explanation is as of now being utilized via virtual entertainment by those couple of educators of the college for their own advantages, against whom requests are happening in the college for negligence cases.”

The college added that the video was made viral by these educators to discolor the standing of the college while confirmations were on the ascent.

“As of now, all instructing and different undertakings of Ghazi College are continuing without a hitch, right now is an ideal opportunity to make a lawful move against such regrettable components who need to discolor the standing of the college superfluously.” the assertion added.

In the interim, the police have enlisted a body of evidence against the two educators and are hoping to capture them.

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