The 2023 KIA Picanto’s most recent Price and Payment Schedule for Pakistan

The 2023 KIA Picanto's most recent Price and Payment Schedule for Pakistan

In 2019, Pakistan Auto introduced the KIA Picanto, a dependable vehicle with a 1.0-liter engine that travels the nation’s roadways.

The South Korean giant’s latest hatchback model features updated windows and doors, fashionable bumpers, and a striking front grille. Famous automobile features like airbags, DRLs, power windows, ABS, and power steering are among them.

The car’s exterior has modern styling, which is one of its selling factors. Although it has two petrol engine choices globally, only the 1.0 is marketed in Pakistan, despite the car’s inclusion of contemporary entertainment elements.

A 1000cc gasoline engine was used to launch the Picanto in Pakistan by Kia Lucky Motors. Pakistan offers both manual and automatic variations. From the front, it has a sleek appearance thanks to the grille’s distinctive black mesh and chrome outline.

Other features include motor-driven power steering and multi-focus reflector headlights with daytime running lights. In addition to supporting folding-style keyless entry, the vehicle also includes an immobilizer.

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